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We will protect your investment. 

As an owner; taking care of a house is a time consuming and stressful job, and it's not easy keeping up with all of a house's needs. Having a good property manager will give you back time and take away headaches. 

One of the hardest parts of being a landlord is dealing with tenants, having issues pop up on a surprise, and fixing them tends to be really stressful and keeping renters comfortable can prove a real hassle. A good property manager will not only keep the details in check but will also have the focus and tools needed to keep your property's value and the renters content, while also keeping the relationship between landlord and tenant professional.

Arguably investing in a property manager will eventually prove a long term money saver, since both your land and house will stay as safe as can be and your health stress-free. 

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Liz Verar.

She is our leader, with over 25 years of experience, she's the brain of the operation. Charismatic, inteligent, responsible and transparent.


Meet our marketing wizard. He's the man behind all of our social media and public connections. 

James Gollwitzer.

Our CEO, his management skills keep the team running and always making progress.  


The newest on the team. He's the one running most of the errands and connecting people.  

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